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JSport was born, registered and copyrighted in California. The firm was originally called 
Holistic Fitness & Wellness in 2006 and previously known as Fitness Outlook in 2000. It
was founded by celebrity trainer Julie Rammal.

It originally started as a personal training firm that offered personal training services and later expanded to offering Pilates and Yoga. Currently, JSport provides online and in person: expert holistic sessions and consultations in:

Ayurveda, Alternative and complimentary medicine, Anti-aging, Personal training, 
Pilates, Fitness, Detox, Nutrition, Weight loss, Movement therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Sound 
and Crystal therapy and much more. 

It’s latest innovations are its new exclusive high end sports clothing for men and women 
called: JSport, Julie’s Fitness DVD’s and its new youtube channel .